A curated media portrait of renowned Silicon Valley technology innovator and 22nd Century thought-leader Michael Fertik.  

Unless you’ve been in cryosleep for the last two years (It’s real, I tried it at Elon Musk’s space cottage) then you are probably familiar with femto-management - scalable, atomic level micromanagement - and the worldwide wave of disruptive innovation that it unleashed.

Producing this unprecedented load of innovation would be the final movement for some, but not Michael Fertik.   

Driven by an insatiable appetite for disruption, he continues to push forth a logjam of fresh offerings.  We've created Femtofilm as a dedicated receptacle for this material.  

If Michael Fertik is indeed “The King of Innovation,” this is the public throne room of his Camelot of Disruption; your reserved seat to the sights, sounds and the smells of this irrepressible force of nature and his astonishing output.

 - Martin Sweeney | Filmmaker, Fertikologist


The Truth about Michael

Some say that there is more than one Michael Fertik. There is the cerebral Silicon Valley innovator who founded Reputation.com and pioneered online reputation management, a New York Times best-selling author widely recognized as the leading expert in digital privacy and reputation.

Then there is the Michael Fertik we’re more familiar with.  The Jobsian visionary and charismatic media darling behind femto-management and the global femto movement.  A lion-maned megalith of magnetism who has been elevated to demi-god status by a public desperate for a clear path to a brighter tomorrow.

So who is the true Michael Fertik?  Both of them, of course.  And neither of them.  And half of each of them.  And two-fifths of one of them, two-fifths of the other and one-fifth of a third Michael Fertik we won’t be aware of unless we go camping with him.

The truth is, as Kierkegaard and Morpheus have so eloquently stated, there is no truth, only what one chooses to believe.  In the absence of objective truth, the answer to the question “Who is Michael Fertik?” is remarkably self-evident ...


The Femto Secret

If you’re still reading, congratulations.  You passed the first test.  You are one step closer to understanding the incredible secret of Michael Fertik’s success.  

You possess the single most important personality trait of an innovator:  you don’t listen to anyone else.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Michael it’s that there is entirely too much listening going on in society.  

Not only are people listening to naysayers, they are listening to yaysayers. Nodding their heads as politicians, marketers and others with selfish agendas tell them they are special and that they matter.  That they aren’t like other people; they are the people who make a difference.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Michael it’s that there is entirely too much listening going on in society.

If you’re here to be validated as the unique and special person worthy of success who you know yourself to be, stop reading right now.  There are no secrets ahead for you.  Because you do not have what it takes to recognize the secret, even when it’s presented to you as “the secret.”

But you’re not looking for quick fixes or ego boosting, are you?  You get it.  You want to get it.  You already have it.  How do I know that?  Because I was just like you…




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