Our Mission

Femtofilm is an ongoing multimedia comedy collaboration between Silicon Valley innovator Michael Fertik, filmmaker Martin Sweeney and venture capitalist David Cowan.  

We're on a mission to disrupt Silicon Valley's rampant self-seriousness.  And to promote our mobile humility app Flamrr, which calculates user daily narcissism  and issues corrective sarcasm via preferred messaging service. 






Michael Fertik founded Reputation.com with the belief that people and businesses have the right to control and protect their online reputation and privacy.  He is credited with pioneering the field of online reputation management and generally recognized as the leading expert in digital privacy and reputation.

Michael was most recently named Entrepreneur of the Year by TechAmerica, an annual award given by the technology industry trade group to an individual they feel embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that made the U.S. technology sector a global leader.



Martin Sweeney is a San Francisco-based director, screenwriter, and commercial creative director.  

He has sold numerous feature screenplays to major studios, worked with comedy royalty Todd Phillips and Ben Stiller, has had at least one awkward conversation with George Lucas and is currently developing a television series that is hilarious and unmarketable.

During the WGA strike of 2008 Martin founded BORRACHO, a creative agency specializing in content, branding, advertising for tech start-ups and other young companies. 




As a venture capitalist with Bessemer Venture Partners in Silicon Valley, David Cowan (@davidcowan) has led early stage investments in Twitch, LinkedIn, Skybox, Twilio, Blue Nile, and 20 other startups that went IPO. Cowan also co-founded three cybersecurity companies: VeriSign, Good Technology (fka Visto), and Defense.Net.  The Forbes Midas List of the top venture capitalists has included Cowan 13 times, ranking him as high as #6.
Cowan wrote, directed, and performed in the acapella stage musical Lies in the Attic, which enjoyed a commercially successful run in San Jose in early 2016. He earned his BS (in C.S. and math) and his MBA degrees from Harvard University.



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