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the Project


Move fast.  Break things.  Sweep the leg.  Be the ball.  It's the official series trailer for Bubbleproof: Season One.



Bubbleproof is a semi-scripted mockumentary series about a new Silicon Valley venture capital fund for the post-truth economy. 

Venture capitalist David Cowan, longing for the level of public recognition of his business parter Michael Fertik, a tech industry icon and celebrity innovator, commissions a documentary about himself.

In the wake of his risky public support of Michael’s prediction of a Trump electoral victory, David expects the cameras to capture a high profile victory lap. But when Michael announces his retirement from innovation, David is left shamed and shell-shocked.

Without Michael, David is just another anonymous member of the .001%. 

His reputation and reserved seat on the Forbes Midas List on the line, David hatches an idea to lure Michael back into the spotlight: a $200 million early stage venture fund for Michael to operate at his discretion, with David as partner and, most importantly, mentor.

What follows is part Best in Show, part Shark Tank, as Michael employs counter-intuitive methods to reinvent venture capital investing and bubbleproof the industry. 

Michael burns through the funds, soaring higher and higher on his own genius fumes. Can David fight off intoxication and save his reputation, and Michael, from the smoldering zeppelin of bad ideas?