The Truth about Michael

Some say that there is more than one Michael Fertik. There is the cerebral Silicon Valley innovator who founded and pioneered online reputation management, a New York Times best-selling author widely recognized as the leading expert in digital privacy and reputation.

Then there is the Michael Fertik we’re more familiar with.  The Jobsian visionary and charismatic media darling behind femto-management and the global femto movement.  A lion-maned megalith of magnetism who has been elevated to demi-god status by a public desperate for a clear path to a brighter tomorrow.

So who is the true Michael Fertik?  Both of them, of course.  And neither of them.  And half of each of them.  And two-fifths of one of them, two-fifths of the other and one-fifth of a third Michael Fertik we won’t be aware of unless we go camping with him.

The truth is, as Kierkegaard and Morpheus have so eloquently stated, there is no truth, only what one chooses to believe.  In the absence of objective truth, the answer to the question “Who is Michael Fertik?” is remarkably self-evident ...