A curated media portrait of renowned Silicon Valley technology innovator and 22nd Century thought-leader Michael Fertik.  

Unless you’ve been in cryosleep for the last two years (It’s real, I tried it at Elon Musk’s space cottage) then you are probably familiar with femto-management - scalable, atomic level micromanagement - and the worldwide wave of disruptive innovation that it unleashed.

Producing this unprecedented load of innovation would be the final movement for some, but not Michael Fertik.   

Driven by an insatiable appetite for disruption, he continues to push forth a logjam of fresh offerings.  We've created Femtofilm as a dedicated receptacle for this material.  

If Michael Fertik is indeed “The King of Innovation,” this is the public throne room of his Camelot of Disruption; your reserved seat to the sights, sounds and the smells of this irrepressible force of nature and his astonishing output.

 - Martin Sweeney | Filmmaker, Fertikologist